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  • Read the FAQ's regarding commissioned art and offer as much detail as possible; the more detail, the better!

  • We will arrange a virtual or face to face meeting where we will get to know each other and dive a little deeper into your concept.

  • Once accepted into the commission calendar, you will receive an email from the studio with an invoice containing a non-refundable 50% deposit.

  • For larger alcohol ink commissioned pieces, I will produce a small version of the art work to show you the layout, colours, and concept. For smaller alcohol ink pieces, I will do my best to create a special piece using information given to me. For any other art work I will use the information to create a unique piece just for you.

  • Keep in mind that alcohol ink artwork is impossible to duplicate therefore the final piece will look different from the test piece, but the layout and colour scheme will remain similar. 

  • Then it’s time to start painting! I will begin the painting process and post several updates on my Instagram and Facebook .

  • You will receive a final progress picture of the artwork towards the end of the process for any last adjustments.

  • Once complete, I will reveal the final artwork for your approval. Any small changes must be made at this time.

  • All the artwork will have 10-13 coats of varnish. To protect your investment, avoid displaying your artwork in direct sun or smokey or humid areas. Avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures. 

  • All original artwork will have a Certificate of Authenticity included. 

  • Unless otherwise discussed, I will post commissioned artwork on my social media channels.

  • All copyrights and production rights are reserved by the artist.

  • Please review the Shipping and Return Policy


  • What is the inspiration behind the piece?

  • Do you have a subject in mind: Eg: landscape, wildlife, trees, special place that you have an image of? 

  • Any special requests: colours, texture, minimalistic vs busy & bold, abstract vs realism?

  • What is the size you would like your artwork to be?


When pricing my artwork I take into consideration size, medium, and time spend creating the piece. 

Once we have our initial consultation I will let you know what your artwork will cost. 

My rate is: $1.85-$3.00 /square inch 

For example-

Medium: Alcohol Ink 

Artwork size: 30"/60" 

Cost Calculation: 30" x 60"=1,800" @$1.85

Total: $3,330


I'm honored that you're considering commissioning me to create a unique original art piece just for you.

Thank you. 

Paulina Tokarski 

Stand Sure_Paulina Tokarski_36x60.jpg
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